Alcohol Addiction Facts

The real size of alcohol addictionalcohol addiction facts

The term that is used for describing alcohol addiction and abuse is known as alcoholism which is responsible for creating a large number of problems in the life of an alcohol addict. It can affect their life adversely along with causing damages to the lives of their loved ones as it can be a very devastating experience. According to the alcohol addiction facts that have been revealed that among 1000 adults, there are 48 people who are reliant on alcohol. Substance abuse is also attributed to more than 100,000 deaths in United States every year which makes alcohol as the most underrated and deadly of all the drugs.

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Substance abuse can also lead to a large number of health issues like low and high blood pressure, high blood sugar content, high fat content, gastrointestinal inflammation and other deadly diseases. There are a large number of people who died and are ruined due to the effects of substance abuse and alcohol addiction. Hence it is very important to deal with this issue in a positive manner by opening a communication channel with the addict so that the chances of substance abuse can be minimised. If any of your near or dear ones has been a victim of substance abuse then you will need to look for a reliable rehabilitation centre for helping your loved ones to deal with the issue in a positive manner.

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Alcohol addiction facts can be very disturbing as there are a large number of people who are a victim of substance abuse. But with determination and will power, these people can quit their alcohol addiction and live an addiction free life. You will also need to seek the assistance of medical professional who will recognise the problem and will deal with the issue in the right way for dealing with substance abuse.